Americans drank $28 million of canned wine in 2017, nearly twice what they drank in 2016, with one third of that being made in Portland, Oregon.  And canned wine is quite affordable, when compared to its bottle counterpart.  It surely seems that canned wine is the next big thing to hit the U.S. wine market, if not that of the world.  Below is an excerpt, with a link to the complete article.

Portland Pretty Much Owns Canned Wine—And Free Public Just Made Some Seriously Crushable Grapes

A new generation of wine drinkers isn’t afraid of the pop-top.

January 10, 2018 By Matthew Korfhage

Eat it, Sofia Coppola: Portland pretty much owns canned wine in America. And as it turns out, canned wine is the next big thing. Americans drank $28 million worth of the stuff last year, nearly twice what they did in 2016—and local brands Underwood and Portland Sangria account for over a third of the canned wine made in the country.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that heavyweights like former Stumptown Coffee VP Matt Lounsbury and wine industry legend Ron Penner-Ash signed on with new Portland wine canner Free Public Wines. At a mere $12.99 for a three-can set—the same volume as a 750-milliliter bottle—Free Public has crafted a pair of surprisingly crushable debut wines.

Following the path already laid out by Underwood—which consistently tops blind taste tests of canned wine nationwide—Penner-Ash leveraged 30-some years’ worth of industry connections to source high-quality grapes at low cost, chosen to fit a specific flavor profile.

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