What Folks are Saying About Knotty Brothers Wine

We recently took a ski trip to Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort outside North Powder, Oregon.  Atop the mountain sits a recently built yurt where folks can warm up.  We took some time there to rub shoulders with some great local folks and visitors from Seattle who were spending a day on the mountain (the lead photo above documented the occasion). 

When we entered the yurt, the locals were already enjoying some Knotty Brothers Twenty 16 Pinot Gris, so we gladly joined them.  After a bit, the Seattle folks arrived.  Having tried boxed wines and found them to pretty ho-hum, they weren't initially going to join in, but the locals let them know that "This certainly isn't boxed wine!"   So they gave it a try, and became our latest happy wine-in-a-can converts!

Needless to say, we all had a great time—we loved being with folks who were enjoying our wine, and they were tickled to be able to share a can with the winemakers, themselves!  We do love ourselves a little serendipity!

See below what others have said about Knotty Brothers wine:

"Super handy to take anywhere!"

—A happy Knotty Brothers customer who went for a pedicure, and took a can of KB Pinot Gris along.

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